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Download this file ([This version returns the data generated from the report but may not have all fields in a record if there is no data for those fields.]43 Kb27/04/2012 11:55
Download this file ([If a field returned from the report is empty, this version fills those fields with the string __NULL__ (Note: double underscores)]43 Kb06/06/2012 11:51
Download this file ([ ]80 Kb19/04/2012 14:42

This project enables SIMS reports to be executed from a remote computer via Web Services. It contains the project war file to be uploaded to a GlassFish server to act as the endpoint for the web service calls. When deploying to the GlassFish server a compliant WSDL file is created to enable programming languages other than Java access to run remotely SIMS Reports.


Download and install GlassFish (Full Platform, Windows Edition) to a computer which has Capita SIMS .net installed.

Deploy the .war file contained in the "dist" directory in the NetBeans project folder.

Make sure theĀ  "SIMS .net" directory is in your search path in the environment variables.

The sims_user to run the reports under should be added to the group "Third Party Reporting" for full effect and any reports to be run, this user will need access to that data.

The attached example is a Java NetBeans project which shows how to create a simple client. Note this will not run as is, you will have to use your own WSDL which will be generated when the war file is deployed.

The client can be running on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux, as long as it has access to the GlassFish server.

Update 06/06/2012 Version to take care of empty fields returned from running a report. Need to check for __NULL__ (with double underscores) in case a field in a record from a report is empty.

Update 27/04/2012 Added a test for the /QUIET parameter, if absent it will be appended by default.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 06 June 2012 11:21